Human Trafficking


Truth vs. Fiction

I’ve had a lot of people read Blood Ransom and wonder whither or not the story was true. While Natalie and Chad’s journey is a fictional story, the reality of people being trafficked in today’s world is all too real. Here is the disclaimer I wrote for the book.

“While Blood Ransom is a work of fiction, including the setting I chose to use, modern-slavery is very real. Drawing from my own experiences across Africa over the past twenty years, my goal in writing this book was to weave current issues facing this vast continent into a riveting story that depicts not only these adversities, but also its beauty and hope.”

Honestly, before I started writing Blood Ransom, I’d never thought much about modern-day slavery, and yet I quickly learned that there are 27 million people today who are enslaved around the world.

Think about that. 27 million individual lives.

The shocking fact is that human trafficking can hit very close to home. It’s not just Asia, Africa, or Europe, it’s happening across the US as well. And it’s become the second largest illegal and profitable enterprise in the world!


That’s why, when I decided to write another series, Southern Crimes, I wanted to show just how close this reality was. Dangerous Passage, book one in my Southern Crimes Series, takes on this very difficult reality that is happening in the US.

I’ve mentioned before how God uses the ordinary to do extraordinary things for Him. While the task might seem overwhelming, we can get engaged and make a difference in the world around us!

What can we do?

First of all pray. Pray for the men, women, and children involved in this horrific crime.

Second, inform yourself about what is happening.
Here are several resources for starters.

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